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Kristy Cates
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3rd-Jan-2011 04:18 am - Fame and Fortune
Kristy Cates-Serious Fan
I picked up a copy of this magazine:

Just for this picture (sorry they're not the best quality, my scanner isn't working)

Isn't she lovely?
27th-Nov-2010 05:49 am - A belated update
Apologies for getting so behind, here are a few neat links from the past few months...

Kristy was featured in "Vote For Me".

Kristy goes techno!

Kristy will sing at the "Artists for Elephants" benefit.
21st-Jun-2010 06:10 am - That's Kristy!
DRS-That's me!
Kristy as Christine in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels!

I am so excited that she's getting to show off her comedic timing!
16th-Mar-2010 10:28 pm - Kristy's Q&A
Check out this great interview!!!
14th-Mar-2010 11:33 am - Another year, another song...
Kristy-Going Places
Happy Birthday today to Kristy!

She will be featured in a concert singing the songs of Kyle Ewalt and Michael Walker March 31 at the 92YTribeca.
30th-Dec-2009 08:02 pm - Kristy at the Fulton Theatre
Kristy-Going Places
Kristy will perform at the Fulton Theatre in Lancaster, PA, on January 15th. More info here.
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