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Kristy Cates
"Boeing Boeing" reviews 
24th-Apr-2011 07:04 am
Kristy-Going Places
Here are some of the reviews from "Boeing Boeing":

Generic review, with a good picture

Even better pictures! "Kristi (sp) Cates’s Gloria bustles with enthusiasm and roll-with-the-punches panache. She makes each moment count as all eyes center on her."

Another generic review with a tiny different picture

Another good review. "Cates gave an endearingly broad performance as the catsup-loving Gloria..."

Another review, no pictures "Cates is a giggly, cheerleader-type American gal..."

Worth it for the picture!

Short but sweet "KRISTY CATES can make you laugh by laughing..." (It's so true!)

Let me know if I missed any!
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